Cheng Kung University Alumni Association of Greater New York


Chapter 1: Purpose

  1. The purpose of the prize awards established by the Cheng Kung University Association of Greater New York (hereinafter the "Association") is to enhance alumni solidarity and to encourage the members' children to achieve their academic excellence, their development of special talents as well as their sense of community service.

Chapter 2: Recipients and Amount of Prizes

  1. The prize awards to be granted by the Association shall be an annual disbursement of US$ 1,500 to be shared equally by three recipients.
  2. The number of recipients and amount of prizes may be revised by the Board of Directors of the Association (hereinafter the "Board") from time to time, in accordance with the needs thereof.

Chapter 3: Review Committee

  1. The Review Committee (hereinafter the "Committee") shall be made of three members, to be elected by the Directors. Each member shall hold office for one year. In the event of vacancy by any member before his/her term expires, the newly elected succeeding member shall hold the office until the term of the vacated member expires thereof.
  2. In the event that a Director's child/children is/are eligible to be a condidate(s) of the prize award herein, he/she may not serve on the Committee and shall be replaced by an alternate Director for the year concerned thereof. 

Chapter 4: Qualifications of Applicants

  1. Those who are qualified to apply for the prize awards shall be the child/children of the members of the Association.
  2. The eligible applicants are only limited to the senior students of high schools.
  3. The applicants shall possess any of the following three qualifications:
    1. outstanding academic records;
    2. outstanding achievement in an non-academic field;
    3. outstanding community service.

Chapter 5: Application Procedure

  1. The children of the members of the Association, shall be eligible to apply for the awards. However, the members of the association may also nominate qualified children to the Committee for its consideration.
  2. In June of each calendar year, the competition of said awards shall be announced by the Committee in order to receive the applications and/or nominations, and the deadline to receive such applications and/or nominations shall be no later than August 31 of each year.

Chapter 6: Review, Announcement and Awarding of the Prizes

  1. The Committee shall convene and hold the meeting in September of each year at the time and place as designated in order to select the successful candidates. In this respect, the Committee may solicit opinions from outside experts with regard to each specified qualifying areas.
  2. The list of the finalists shall be formally announced in the Annual Meeting of the Association; and the presentation of the prizes to be award to the successful candidates shall be held in the same meeting.

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous

  1. The rules stated herein shall be enacted by the incumbent Directors for the year of 1997 and thereby endorsed retroactively by the members of the association in the 1997 Annual Meeting of the Association.
  2. All the rules of the prize awards shall be subject to amendment, revision and/or repeal by Board of Directors.

The "Rules on Prize Awards" was revised by the board of Directors at the August 13, 2015 Meeting.



1.      為會員子弟設立。

2.      為高中應屆畢業生設立(此有助大學入學之申請)。

3.      不單以學業成績為標準,凡具有特殊才藝成就,或對社服務有特別貢獻者,均有機會受獎。

4.      名額三名,每位美金伍佰元,每年8/31日為收件截止日期。日期如有改動,依該年之公告為準。

5.      請符合條件之校友子女依申請書要求,將所有的文件資料在當年度的九月以前寄給該年度的會長。